Season 9 is coming...

Dear players and friends,

The rumors, which you've probably already heard are true!

Emerald MU will be upgraded to the latest MU Online verison - Season 9 or Ex702+

We are about to perform the biggest upgrade we had so far in Emerald MU, which is also a huge step in our server development.

Mirror 1 (Google Drive)FROM HERE
Mirror 2 (Files.FM)FROM HERE

Thanks to all people who donated and supported our server we purchased the best premium server files available and we are working on the migration process at this very moment.
Everything is working on 100% without any bugs.
All events, all functions, items, maps and everything else
you can think of.

Since Sunday (23.01.2016) Emerald MU version will be changed to Season 9. The old Season 6 server will be still available for short period of time.

It is important for us to state the following information which is concerning everyone:
Basically 98% of all the data from Season 6 will be transferred to Season 9.
- Accounts data will be transferred automatically.
- All characters, stats and resets will be transferred.
- Credits will be transferred automatically.
The items from all inventories and warehouse (/ware 0) will be transferred to Season 9.

Exception are the following items:
- Devil Sword
- Blade of Legend
- Esmeralda sword

They will be removed automatically after the upgrade and later replaced with
other new Season 9 items by player request.
Uber Dark Phoenix and Great Dragon set will be converted into excellent F.O. items.

All players who donated in the past year will be compensated if their Uber set is converted to F.O.

Maximum stats will be: 65,000
Maximum level will be: 420

All guilds will be deleted and the well known guild bug will be fixed once and for all!

Long story short - NO RESTART!
We are about to be Season 9 and it is going to be amazing experience!

Spend more time in game = get free credits


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GM events


Fresh start. Enough said!


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